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David Jon

David Jon Author

I’m a long-time Ford and automotive enthusiast, and I’ve been writing about cars for over 10 years. I started Fordmasterx as an effort to combine my two passions – writing and car ownership – into one website. I hope that you find everything you need on our website and that we can help guide you through all your automotive needs. See Posts


Tarek A

Dive into the powerful and efficient world of Ford’s Ecoboost technology with me, Tarek, your guide in exploring its intricate marvels. Armed with 4 years of immersive experience and specialized focus on Ford’s Ecoboost engine lineup, my mission pivots on bringing you the most accurate, compelling, and user-friendly insights into these powerful machines. See Posts

Axle McRoad

Axle McRoad

Hello, fellow Ford enthusiasts! I’m Axle McRoad, your dedicated pilot through the compelling journey that is the Ford Escape. With 4 industrious years diving deep into its mechanics, designs, and adventures, I’ve cultivated a rich expertise and a well-oiled passion for this remarkable vehicle. My excursions have allowed me to unravel the Escape’s multifaceted nature. See Posts


Skylar Drift

Adventurous journey through the robust and dynamic world of the Ford Explorer with me, Skylar Drift. With a keen focus on its versatile terrains, I’ve spent the last 5 thrilling years harnessing expertise and navigating through the myriad functionalities and awe-inspiring capacities of this esteemed vehicle. See Posts


David Jon Author

Decade of expertise in navigatI am Sadek, your specialist in all realms connected to this exquisite Ford Edge model for 5 Years. My journey, deeply rooted in automotive engineering and hands-on experience with Ford models, has refined my knowledge, allowing me to dissect, understand, and appreciate the nuanced excellence of the Edge. See Posts

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