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2017 Ford Focus Transmission Recall

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In 2017, the renowned automaker Ford issued a significant recall for one of its popular models – the Focus – due to a critical flaw in the transmission system. This article imparts comprehensive information about the “2017 Ford Focus Transmission Recall,” shedding light on the imperative reasons that compelled a manufacturing giant, respected worldwide for its high-quality vehicles, to recall thousands of units. As you delve into this article, you’ll gain direct insights on the recall’s background, the issues pertaining to the transmission system, and Ford’s response to this substantial issue. This resource serves not only as an informative guide to understand the recall, but also as a valuable pit stop for Ford Focus owners seeking solutions to potential transmission troubles.

Overview of the 2017 Ford Focus Transmission Recall

One of the significant issues that shook the automobile industry in recent times is the transmission recall of the 2017 Ford Focus. This recall not only affected many Ford Focus owners globally but also significantly impacted Ford’s reputation. Ford announced this recall after numerous complaints from customers and subsequent lawsuits about the failing transmission in certain models of their cars.

Details of the Transmission Recall

The recall was announced by Ford after numerous customers reported that their vehicles were experiencing transmission malfunctions intermittently. This malfunction was due to a flawed transmission control module (TCM), which controls gear-shifting in the vehicle, causing the vehicle to jerk and shudder while driving or, in some severe cases, lose power unexpectedly.

The Models Affected

The recall primarily encompassed the 2017 Ford Focus models equipped with PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmissions. These particular models were found to have faulty transmission control modules that caused erratic shifts and jerks while driving.

Geographic regions highly impacted

While the issue was observed globally, North America was one of the most impacted regions with a high number of affected vehicles. Countries such as the United States, Canada, and Mexico recorded a significant number of Ford Focus models experiencing the transmission problem.

How the Transmission Failures Happen

Ford’s vehicle transmission failures can be quite concerning for vehicle owners due to their potential for danger. To better understand, let’s delve into what caused these failures, the symptoms, and damages.

The Cause of the Transmission Problem

The root cause of the problem was a defective transmission control module. This module plays a crucial role in controlling the gear-shifting in Ford Focus models. The flaw in design and operation led to miscommunication with the car’s mechanical parts, resulting in erratic shifts or unexpected loss of power while driving.

Symptoms of the Transmission Failures

The failing transmission was marked by several symptoms. Drivers reported abrupt jerking and shuddering while driving, unexpected gear shifts, and, in some situations, the vehicle drastically losing power. This loss of power while driving could potentially lead to dangerous situations like accidents.

Damage caused by the transmission issue

The transmission issues in the recalled models caused significant stress on the vehicle’s mechanical parts. Some customers reported overheating issues due to violent jerks & shudders. In worst-case scenarios, the constant stress from erratic shifts led to complete breakdowns, leaving drivers stranded.

2017 Ford Focus Transmission Recall

Customer Complaints and Lawsuits

The transmission recall was a significant blow to Ford’s reputation as it led to numerous customer complaints and lawsuits.

Documented Customer Complaints

There were thousands of documented complaints about the Ford Focus transmission issue. Many customers reported their vehicles stalling in traffic, jerking and shuddering unexpectantly while driving, leading to drivers fearing for their safety.

Lawsuits Related to the Recall

Several lawsuits were filed against Ford, both class action, and individual ones. Many plaintiffs claimed that Ford was aware of the faults in their transmission designs yet continued to sell these models, showing their negligence towards customer safety.

Ford’s Response to Lawsuits

Ford responded to lawsuits by denying any wrongdoing initially, maintaining that all its vehicles meet safety standards. However, they later agreed to a multi-million-dollar settlement in response to a class-action lawsuit, showing their willingness to address customer concerns.

What Ford Decided to Do

In response to the issues and lawsuits, Ford took several actions to mitigate the situation and assure customers of their commitment to safety.

Ford’s Official Stance on the Issue

Officially, Ford acknowledged the malfunctioning transmission module issue and initiated the recall. They assured their customers that customer safety was their highest priority and urged them to get the fault rectified at Ford service centers.

Measures Ford took to rectify the Issue

Ford took several measures to rectify the problem. They initiated a massive recall for the affected models and offered to replace or fix the faulty transmission control module free of charge. Additionally, in some regions, the warranty for the affected models was extended.

Ford’s efforts in alerting customers

Ford took various steps to alert customers, such as sending recall letters outlining the situation and the next steps. These efforts were aimed at assuring customers that they were working promptly and responsibly to address the issue.

2017 Ford Focus Transmission Recall

The Recall Process Explained

Following its decision to recall affected vehicles, Ford also outlined the recall process for its customers.

Details on How to Know if Your Vehicle is Affected

One of the first steps in the recall process was helping owners identify if their vehicle was affected. Ford urged customers to check their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against their database of affected vehicles online.

Steps to take when you get a recall notice

Upon receiving a recall notice, owners were instructed to immediately schedule an appointment with their local Ford service center. The repairs would be done free of charge as part of the recall initiative.

How the repair process is carried out

At the service center, Ford technicians would diagnose the vehicle for any faults. If the transmission control module was found faulty, they would replace or repair the module leveraging their expertise and original parts.

Customer Experiences Post-Recall

Customer feedback and experiences are crucial to understanding the effectiveness of the recall process.

Feedback from Customers After the Recall

Many customers appreciated Ford’s swift action and transparency throughout the recall process. However, some expressed their displeasure, citing frequent dealership visits and inconvenience.

Any Continuing Issues after recall repairs

Some customers reported that they continued to face transmission issues even after the recall repairs. However, these cases were scarce, and it was usually resolved by additional repairs.

Impact of recall on customer trust and brand image

The recall indeed impacted Ford’s brand image. There was a decline in customer trust due to the safety concerns raised. However, Ford’s proactive measures to address the issue somewhat helped to retain customer loyalty.

Expert Opinions on the Recall

Automotive experts had their views on the Ford Focus recall.

Reviews from Auto Experts on the Recall

Though they appreciated the swift actions by Ford, many auto experts also criticized Ford. They opined that Ford should have acknowledged and rectified the transmission problems much earlier before it led to substantial customer suffering and lawsuits.

Lessons to be learned from the recall

The recall taught several lessons to the automobile industry. The most significant one was the importance of prioritizing customer safety and conducting thorough pre-launch testing to avoid such massive recalls.

Predictions on any potential future recalls

While no one can predict future recalls, auto experts suggested that Ford could face recalls if they do not prioritize proper testing and design validation to catch potential issues before launching vehicles into the market.

The Impact on Resale Values

Resale value is one of the important aspects considered by vehicle buyers.

How the Recall Affected Ford Focus Resale Prices

The recall had a negative impact on the resale value of the 2017 Ford Focus models. The fear around the transmission issue has made potential buyers wary, and thus they are willing to pay less for the used models.

Perception of Ford vehicles in the used car market

The recall tarnished the perception of Ford vehicles in the used car market. Though Ford vehicles are known for their reliability and performance, the transmission issue recalls made potential buyers more skeptical about purchasing a used Ford vehicle.

Advice to prospective used Ford car buyers

For prospective buyers of used Ford Focus, experts advise requesting complete service history, particularly recall-related repair records, before making a purchase decision.

FAQs about the 2017 Ford Focus Recall

Understanding widespread questions and concerns can help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Most Asked Questions about the Recall

Some of the most frequently asked questions include: “Is my car part of the recall?”, “What should I do if I receive a recall notice?”, and “Are there still issues after the recall repairs?”.

Detailed Answers for consumer’s top concerns

In response, Ford reiterated that customers could crosscheck their VIN against their recall database, contact their service center to schedule a repair, and that they are committed to addressing any continuing issues post recall repairs.

Addressing misconceptions about the recall

Despite recalling and addressing the faulty transmission, some potential buyers misunderstood that all Ford Focus models have this issue. However, Ford clarifies that it affects only a specific range of models, and they have taken necessary steps to rectify those reported issues.

Can the Radio Recall Issue in the 2014 Ford Focus Also Affect its Transmission?

The 2014 Ford Focus has faced a significant ford focus radio recall issue, but it does not directly affect the transmission. While the recall primarily addresses malfunctions in the entertainment system, it is crucial to stay informed about any potential related problems that might arise. Regularly checking for updates from Ford and addressing any recalls promptly can help maintain the vehicle’s overall performance.

Thoughts for the Future

Looking forward, both Ford and its consumers must learn from this recall experience.

Ford’s strategies to prevent similar issues in future

Ford has implemented strong quality control measures and vigorous testing processes to prevent such issues from arising in future models. They are committed to ensuring the highest safety standards across all their vehicles.

Consumer tactics to stay informed about recalls

Consumers should regularly check their vehicles’ VIN against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) database to stay informed about any potential recalls. It is also advisable to keep an eye on their vehicles’ performance and report any concerns to their dealership promptly.

Impact of recall on future car buying decisions

Despite the recall, the Ford brand continues to attract customers due to their long-standing reputation for reliable and high-performing vehicles. However, customers may be more cautious and expect higher transparency from Ford in their future vehicle purchase decisions.

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