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2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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In 2018, Ford Motor Company issued a recall of their Focus model, specifically those equipped with automatic transmission. This safety notice was due to significant issues that could potentially hinder vehicle control, thereby escalating the risk of accidents. As a Focus owner, it’s paramount that you’re versed with this critical update to safeguard not only the longevity of your vehicle but your personal safety as well. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the recall, including how to ascertain if your vehicle is affected, what issues to look out for, and the steps necessary to rectify the situation.

Background of the Ford Focus Transmission Issue

Introduction to the issue

For vehicle owners, nothing is more disconcerting than a fault in your car’s transmission. It affects the overall driving experience and can sometimes lead to serious safety concerns. A classic example of transmission issues was seen in the Ford Focus models. This was a major drawback that led to a substantial recall by the company.

Affected model years

Not all Ford Focus vehicles were affected by this transmission issue. Specific years of production, notably from 2012 to 2016 and the 2018 model year, were primarily impacted. These vehicles were equipped with a PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission that experienced problems during operation.

Identification of transmission failure

Identifying transmission failure is important to avoid further damages and ensure your safety while driving. The most common signs of failure in affected Ford Focus vehicles included noticeably harsh or delayed shifts, unusual noises during shifting, the inability to change gears, and the illumination of warning lights on the dashboard.

Details of the 2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

Coverage of the recall

In 2018, Ford had a massive recall due to the ongoing transmission issue. The recall primarily covered the 2018 Ford Focus models with the PowerShift transmission. This was targeted to address and rectify the technical glitches and ensure that the safety of the drivers was not compromised.

Symptoms of faulty transmission

Faulty transmissions present a number of symptoms that, as an owner, you should be cognizant of. These symptoms often involve lurching and jerking during shifts, sudden acceleration or abrupt deceleration, and in some cases, complete loss of power while driving. Any of these symptoms should trigger immediate attention and action.

Repair or replacement options

Ford offered to repair or replace the faulty transmissions of the affected vehicles. In some cases, the company also extended the warranty period of the vehicles. This was a key part of their commitment to ensure that the owners were not unduly disadvantaged by the situation.

2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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Process to Follow for Recall

Contacting your dealer

In the event of a recall, the first step is to contact your dealer or Ford directly. They will be able to provide detailed information about the recall and how you can get your vehicle repaired or replaced.

Schedule for repair

Once you have contacted your Ford dealer, they will typically schedule a date and time for the required repair or replacement. It’s crucial to adhere to this schedule to ensure utmost safety and avoid any further inconvenience or harm.

Possible costs involved

Typically, recalls are executed at no cost to the owner. Ford covered all costs of repair or replacement of the faulty transmission under this recall. However, certain related costs such as towing or rental car expenses during the repair period may not have been covered under the recall guidelines.

Safety Concerns Associated with the Transmission Fault

Risks of continued driving

Continued driving with a faulty transmission is a risky endeavor. It can lead to loss of power while driving and potentially cause accidents. It’s advisable to immediately stop driving as soon as you notice any signs of a faulty transmission.

Possible accidents

A faulty transmission can lead to unpredictable and erratic behavior of the vehicle, including sudden acceleration or deceleration. This can result in accidents, some of them potentially severe.

Recommendations for safe driving

Upon the identification of transmission issues, it’s advisable to immediately contact your dealer or Ford directly. They would guide you on the best course of action to resolve the issue. Until then, avoid driving the vehicle, if possible.

2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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Customer Reaction to the Recall

Complaints from customers

The recall led to an outpouring of complaints from customers, who experienced inconvenience and dissatisfaction due to this issue. Customers reported they had been experiencing transmission problems for some time before the recall was announced.

Customer satisfaction amid the recall

While the recall caused some discontent and inconvenience among customers, many expressed satisfaction about Ford’s proactive role in addressing the issue. They appreciated Ford’s efforts towards absorbing the repair and replacement costs, and extending warranties.

Impact on brand loyalty

The transmission issue did shake the trust of some Ford Focus owners. However, the prompt and comprehensive response of the company helped to restore and retain the brand loyalty of many customers.

Legal Implications of the Recall

Class-action lawsuits involved

The comprehensive transmission malfunction led to multiple class-action lawsuits being filed against Ford. Customers sought compensation due to the reduced value of their vehicles and costs associated with repairs before the recall was announced.

Regulatory scrutiny

Accompanying the recall and legal action, Ford also faced heightened scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Matters pertaining to how long the issue was known before action was taken were a part of the regulatory investigation.

Compensation to customers

Ford agreed to settle the class-action lawsuits by offering compensation to customers in terms of cash payments, discount vouchers, and expense reimbursements.

Future legal implications

The experience has likely led to Ford taking stringent measures to prevent such issues in the future and avoid any legal implications.

2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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Financial Impact on Ford

Cost of recall to Ford

The recall had a significant financial impact on Ford. This involved not just the repair and replacement costs, but also the costs of legal settlements and compensation to customers.

Impact on share prices

Inevitably, such a massive recall did have an adverse ripple effect on the share prices of the company. Investors exhibited concern over the potential financial impact of the recall and subsequent lawsuits.

Long term financial implications

The long-term financial implications for Ford are significant. Along with direct costs related to the recall and lawsuits, there are also indirect costs linked to reputational damages and potential loss of customer trust.

Reputation Impact on Ford

Public perception

Such a wide-reaching recall is bound to change public perception of the brand. Many customers and potential customers expressed worried over the quality control of Ford vehicles following the recall.

Impact on future sales

A knock on the brand’s reputation can potentially impact future sales. While loyal customers may remain, others might opt for competitors, causing a reduction in market share.

Damages to brand reputation

It cannot be denied that the transmission recall incident has dealt a blow to Ford’s brand reputation. It has heightened the importance of quality control and preventive measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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Ford’s Response to the Recall

Statements from Ford

Ford was upfront and transparent about the recall, keeping customers informed at all steps. They assured customers that they were doing everything possible to rectify the issue and prevent such problems in the future.

Ford’s plan to rectify issues

Ford’s plan to rectify the issue involved replacing or repairing the faulty transmissions in recalled vehicles at no cost to the customer.

Ford’s commitment to customer safety

Despite the setback, Ford emphasized their unshaken commitment to the safety and satisfaction of their customers. Ford recognized the inconvenience caused and reassured customers of improving quality control measures to prevent any recurrence.

Are the Transmission Issues in the 2017 Ford Focus Similar to the 2018 Ford Focus?

The ford focus transmission recall has raised concerns among consumers regarding transmission issues in both the 2017 and 2018 models. Many are wondering if the problems experienced with the 2017 Ford Focus are similar to those in the 2018 Ford Focus. Extensive research and analysis are recommended to understand the similarities and differences between the transmission issues in these two models.

Moving Forward: Future Measures by Ford

Quality control improvements

Ford is expected to reinforce their quality control measures to avoid such issues in the future. Customer safety and satisfaction will continue to be a key component in the company’s strategy.

Preventive measures

The transmission issue has likely led Ford to implement more stringent preventive measures. This may involve advanced testing and closer scrutiny of their products before they hit the market.

Ford’s growth strategy after the setback

While the transmission recall was a significant setback, it has also provided an opportunity for Ford to demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety. Moving forward, the company would be focusing on rebuilding customer trust and maintaining their loyalty, while also attracting potential customers with their commitment to quality and safety.

2018 Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Recall

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