How to Fold down F150 Rear Seat

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To fold down the rear seat in a Ford F150, locate the release button on the inside of each side of the backseat. Push and hold both buttons while pulling up on both sides of the backseat at once. The seat should fold forward easily.

Once it has folded all the way down, secure it in place with either one or two straps located near where you pushed and held the buttons earlier. Make sure that everything is securely fastened before driving off to avoid any accidents or damage to your vehicle or other people’s property.

  • Begin by lifting the seat cushion up as far as it will go to access the release lever located underneath
  • Push down on the release lever and lift up on the bottom of the backrest at the same time until it is released from its locked position and can be folded all of the way forward
  • Once you have both sides in their fully-folded positions, secure each side with a latch or strap that runs through pre-drilled holes in each side of your F150’s rear seat frame (if applicable)
  • With both sides securely fastened, press down firmly on top of them until they are flat against one another for optimal storage space utilization

Ford F-150 How to Release the Rear Seat Backrest Latch (2015+)

Can You Fold down the Back Seat of a Ford F150?

Yes, you can fold down the back seat of a Ford F150. This process is easy and straightforward to do. To begin with, locate the release lever located near the middle of the rear seat cushion on either side.

Pull up this lever to unlock it from its current position, and then lower it into a flat position. After that, you need to pull out on each headrest until they are fully released from their mountings found at the top of each side panel in the bed area. Now your backseat is ready for folding down!

Lastly, lift up one end of your folded-down seat until it clicks into place over onto its hinges which should be mounted along either side wall in your truck’s cab or interior space – now you have effectively opened up more storage room in your vehicle!

How Do You Release the Back Seat in a Ford F150?

Releasing the back seat of a Ford F150 is an easy process that can be done in just a few steps. Firstly, you will need to open the tailgate of your truck and locate the two small levers located on either side at the bottom of the tailgate. Pull both levers towards you simultaneously until they click; this will release the pin locks which hold the backseat in place.

Once these pins have been released, you can then lift up on one side of your seat while pushing down on the other side to unlock it from its frame. Finally, simply pull or push up on each side to remove it completely from your vehicle – and voila! You’re now ready for whatever cargo needs carrying inside your truck bed!

With just a few simple steps, releasing and reattaching your Ford F150’s backseat has never been easier!

How Do You Fold down the Seats on a 2016 F150?

Folding down the seats in a 2016 F150 is an easy task that takes no time at all. To start, locate the release lever for each seat on either side of the backrest. Pull up on these levers simultaneously to unlock both sides of the seatback and then press inward towards your body to fold them flat.

You may need to pull up slightly as you press inwards if there is resistance from the seats locking mechanism or its position. Once both sides are released continue pushing forward until they’re completely folded down and flush with your cargo area flooring. If necessary, adjust any straps or latches so that they fit securely over top of your newly-created storage space before heading out on your next adventure!

How Do You Put the Back Seats down in a 2015 F 150?

To put the back seats down in a 2015 Ford F-150, first, locate the designated latches on either side of the seat. On one side of the seat, there should be two levers that are located near the floorboard. Pull both of these levers and lift up gently on the headrest portion of the seat until it comes out.

Then move to the other side and pull up lightly on both sides until you hear a click. The headrest should come out completely then allowing you to fold down all or part of your rear seat for extra cargo space. When folding down just part of your rear seat make sure to adjust each lever accordingly so that they are level with each other when folded flat against your backseat cushion.

Finally, press firmly but gently on each latch again until they “click” into place; this will ensure secure closure while driving and also prevent any items from sliding off unexpectedly when you have to brake suddenly or turn sharply!

How to Fold down F150 Rear Seat

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2023 Ford F150 Rear Seat Fold down

The 2023 Ford F150 has a convenient fold-down rear seat, making it easy to increase your cargo capacity and make more room for hauling items. The folding system is designed with ease of use in mind and can be operated with one hand. Additionally, the rear seats are removable if you need even more space, giving you lots of flexibility when it comes to carrying larger items in your truck bed.

1999 F150 Rear Seat Fold down

The 1999 F150 is one of the most popular trucks on the road today. It’s known for its incredible durability and excellent performance. One of its unique features is the ability to fold down its rear seat for extra storage space when needed.

This feature allows you to transport larger items that may not otherwise fit in your truck, making it an ideal vehicle for those who need a little more cargo capacity from time to time.

Ford F150 Rear Seat Replacement

Replacing the rear seat of a Ford F150 is a relatively straightforward task. You’ll need to purchase a new or used OEM replacement seat from an authorized dealership, and then remove the old seat by unscrewing any bolts that secure it in place. Once you have removed the old seat, you can install your new one using the same hardware.

This process should take no more than an hour or two depending on your experience level and tools available.


Overall, folding the rear seat of a Ford F150 is a relatively simple process that can be done quickly and easily. All it takes is releasing the latch located on the side panel, and then pushing down on the backrest to lower it into place. Depending on your needs, you may need to also remove any items in your truck bed before proceeding with this task.

With these steps, you will have no difficulty folding down your F150’s rear seat so that you can fit larger items in its cargo area.

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