Ford Wire Harness Color Code

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When working on your Ford vehicle, it is important to know the wire harness color code. This will help you connect the wires when making repairs or installing new components.

If you’re looking for a wire harness for your Ford vehicle, you may be wondering what the color code is. The wire harness color code is actually quite simple – it’s just a matter of matching up the colors of the wires with the corresponding numbers. Here’s a quick rundown of the Ford wire harness color code:

1 – Black 2 – Brown 3 – Light Blue

4 – Dark Blue 5 – Green 6 – Purple

7 – Orange

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Wire Harness and Color Codes

What is Color Code for Harness?

There is no one “color code for harnesses,” as different manufacturers use different color schemes. However, there are some general guidelines that can be followed when deciphering the colors of a given harness. Generally speaking, the thicker the gauge of wire, the darker the color will be.

So, for example, a 14-gauge wire will typically be black, while a 12-gauge wire will be brown. Additionally, each individual wire within a harness will usually be a different color than its neighbor – this allows for easy identification and tracing of individual circuits.

What are the Wire Color Codes?

The standard for wire color coding in the United States is ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, which was last updated in 2011. This standard dictates that there should be a pair of insulated wires twisted together for each signal and one unshielded “ground” wire. The most common colors used are:

• Blue and white – Used for data signals (Ethernet) • Orange and white – Used for voice signals (telephone) • Green and white – Used for video signals (television)

Other countries have different standards; for example, the U.K.’s wiring code includes red as a fifth color to indicate fire alarm circuits. The main purpose of having different colored wires is to easily identify what type of signal is being carried by each wire so that they can be properly connected at both ends. For example, if you were to accidentally connect an Ethernet cable to a telephone line, it would not work because the two use different signaling methods.

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What Color is the Wiring Harness Connector?

Most wiring harnesses have a standard color code. The colors used are usually black, green, brown, and white. There may be other colors used as well, but these are the most common.

Black is typically ground, green is for right turn/brake lights, brown is for left turn/brake lights, and white is for marker lights or running lights.

What Color is the Turn Signal Wire?

Most turn signal wires are colored green, yellow, or orange. The wire that powers the turn signals is typically a different color than the wires that power the brake lights and tail lights. This helps to prevent confusion when wiring up the system.

Ford Wire Harness Color Code

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Free Ford Wiring Diagrams

If you’re looking for free Ford wiring diagrams, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a schematic for a particular Ford vehicle or just want to learn more about how cars work in general, these resources can provide valuable information. One of the best places to find free wiring diagrams is the website Freewiringdiagrams.com.

This site offers a wide variety of different schematics and diagrams, making it a great resource for anyone who needs this type of information. Another great source for free wiring diagrams is the website AlldataDIY.com. This site provides access to Alldata, which is a comprehensive database of factory-direct automotive repair information.

While this site does require a paid subscription, it’s still a great resource for those who need detailed wiring diagrams. Finally, if you have an older vehicle that isn’t supported by either of these two sites, try contacting your local library or searching online auction sites like eBay Motors. You might be able to find an old service manual that contains the relevant information.


If you’re a fan of Ford vehicles, then you know that they use a unique wire harness color code. This code is used to identify the different wires in the harness, and it helps make sure that the right wires are connected to the right places. While this may seem like a small thing, it can actually be quite helpful when troubleshooting electrical issues.

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