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Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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In the realm of automotive concerns, recalls are a significant facet that can particularly affect a vehicle’s functionality and safety. Grasping the core of ‘Ford Focus Power Steering Recall’ brings to light an imperative issue that may impact many Ford Focus owners. This article is a comprehensive guide aimed at disseminating this vital information, to not only inform but also promote safe driving practices. Highlighted within is the essence of the recall, its potential repercussions, practical steps to address it along with related products for your consideration. Brace yourselves for an enlightening journey, exploring this core topic that has considerable ramifications on vehicle safety and driving experience.

Understanding the Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

Background of the recall

The Ford Focus power steering recall was conducted as a response to numerous customer complaints and incident reports pointing to a malfunction in the vehicle’s power steering system. This critical issue had an impact on the safe operation of the vehicle, making it a potential hazard on the road.

Identifying affected Ford Focus models

The affected models were primarily Ford Focus vehicles manufactured between 2012 and 2018. During this period, particular attention was given to vehicles produced in the assembly plants in Michigan and Mexico, where the defect was traced back to.

Role of power steering in a vehicle

Power steering is a crucial component in a vehicle. It allows the driver to smoothly and easily direct the vehicle, particularly at low speeds, without exerting too much physical effort. A malfunction in the power steering system can result in increased steering effort, reduced control and vehicle responsiveness, posing a significant safety risk.

Details of the Recall Notice

Who issued the recall

The recall was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States, in collaboration with Ford Motor Corporation.

The specific parts affected

The part in question was the electronic power assist system (EPAS) in Ford Focus vehicles. It was found that the system was prone to sudden and unexpected failure, thereby leading to loss of power steering assist while the vehicle was in motion.

How many vehicles are potentially impacted

Approximately 1.5 million Ford Focus vehicles were potentially impacted by this recall. It must be noted, however, that not all models within the stated manufacturing years may be affected.

Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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Why the Recall was Necessary

Technical issues leading to the recall

The central issue that led to the recall was a defect in the EPAS module. The defect could cause a rapid drop in the electrical input signal to the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM), which could result in a loss of steering assist, therefore, increasing the risk of a crash.

Safety risks associated with the issue

A vehicle without proper steering control is a significant safety concern. The defect could cause the driver to exert more effort and encounter difficulty controlling the steering wheel, especially at lower speeds. Moreover, the sudden loss of control, particularly while driving, could lead to accidents.

Reports of accidents or incidents sparking the recall

Prior to the recall, Ford received numerous customer complaints regarding excessive steering effort due to a sudden loss of power steering assist. Ford also received reports of accidents and injuries related to the issue, which accelerated the decision for a recall.

Ford’s Response to the Recall

Public statements made by Ford

Upon the issuance of the recall, Ford acknowledged the defect and took full responsibility for rectifying the issue. In their public statement, Ford reassured its customers of its commitment to safety and quality, emphasizing their goal to restore the customer’s trust and confidence.

Steps taken to inform affected customers

Ford initiated a comprehensive customer notification process, reaching out to owners of potentially affected vehicles by mail. The letter provided detailed information about the issue and the necessary steps for rectification.

The solutions offered to rectify the issue

Ford dealers across the country were prepped to rectify the defect at no cost to affected customers. The affected components would be replaced or repaired, depending on each individual vehicle’s condition.

Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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Procedure for Addressing the Recall

How to determine if your vehicle is part of the recall

Customers were urged to refer to Ford’s website or the NHTSA’s site and input their vehicle identification number (VIN) to check if their vehicle was part of the recall.

The process for getting the power steering issue fixed

Owners of affected vehicles were advised to book an appointment with their local Ford dealer. The dealer would then diagnose the issue, and if found defective, the necessary components would be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Possible costs (if any) to the customer

There would be no direct cost to the customer for the rectification process. All repairs or replacements arising from this recall were covered by Ford.

Customer Reactions and Feedback

Common concerns raised by Ford Focus owners

Customers raised concerns about their safety and the reliability of Ford vehicles. There was disquiet about how such a critical error could go unnoticed during the manufacturing process.

Public sentiment towards Ford’s handling of the issue

Some criticism was directed towards Ford for not promptly addressing the issue. However, a majority expressed appreciation for Ford’s transparency and comprehensive approach towards resolving the problem.

Positive outcomes following the recall fix

Following the recall fix, customers reported improved steering control and overall performance of their vehicle, affirming their confidence in the Ford brand.

Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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Impact on Ford’s Reputation

The recall’s effect on Ford sales

Initially, there might have been a slight dip in sales due to shaken consumer confidence. However, Ford’s prompt and transparent handling of the situation showed dedication to customer safety, which could have fostered renewed trust in the brand.

How Ford handled damage control

Ford handled the situation effectively by acknowledging the issue, keeping an open line of communication with its customers, and activating a robust plan to address the recall. Their commitment to customer safety was evident throughout the recall process.

Long-term implications for the Ford brand

This recall likely led to a more stringent quality control process, thereby driving Ford to deliver even safer and more reliable vehicles in the long run. Despite the initial setbacks, this could enhance the overall brand image.

Recalls of Other Ford Focus Components

Other parts in this model that have required recalls

While steering components of the Ford Focus have been the main issues prompting recalls, other components, such as doors and fuel systems, have also necessitated recalls in the past.

Whether these recalls are typical for this model

While certain models of the Ford Focus have been affected by recalls more than others, it is important to remember that recalls are part and parcel of the auto industry. It reflects a commitment by manufacturers to uphold safety standards as their utmost priority.

How Ford addresses these additional recalls

Much like the power steering recall, Ford handles other potential recalls by directly notifying affected customers, arranging for repairs and replacements by authorized dealers, and covering the cost of necessary repairs.

Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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Similar Incidents in the Automobile Industry

How common are recalls in the car industry

Recalls are not uncommon in the auto industry. Due to the complex nature of vehicle manufacturing, defects in certain components may only become evident after the vehicles hit the roads.

Comparing Ford’s handling of the situation to similar recalls

Ford has handled the recall in a very professional and effective manner, aligned with industry standards. Their commitment to customer safety and willingness to rectify the issue parallels with the responses seen by other manufacturers dealing with recalls.

The standard procedures across the industry for such recalls

Standard procedures include notifying the affected customers, providing detailed instructions for the necessary repairs, and taking the responsibility for costs incurred due to the recall.

What to do if you Suspect a Recall Issue

Checking if there are recalls on your vehicle

If you suspect a recall issue, it is crucial to verify it by visiting the manufacturer’s or NHTSA’s website and checking the recalls section by inputting your VIN.

How to report a suspected issue

If you’ve confirmed that your car is indeed part of a recall, it’s crucial to make an appointment with your nearest dealership at the earliest. If your car isn’t listed as part of a recall, but you strongly suspect a defect, contact both the dealership and the manufacturer.

Next steps after reporting a problem

Once you have reported an issue and it’s on the recall list, you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. This usually involves taking your car to a dealership where the issue will be evaluated and rectified at no cost to you.

Ford Focus Power Steering Recall

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