What Size Tires are on a 2003 Ford F150

The 2003 Ford F150 was available with either 16-inch or 17-inch tires. The tire size is dependent on the trim and wheel package of the vehicle in question. Most 2003 F150’s had a P235/75R15 sized tire, while some models came standard with LT245/75R16 or 255/70R17 tires.

Some higher end trims also featured an optional 275/60R20 tire size as well. To determine which tire size your specific model has, you can refer to the information found inside the driver side door jamb, or look for a sticker located in the glove box that shows all factory installed options for your particular truck.

The 2003 Ford F150 typically comes equipped with a set of 16-inch wheels, which are compatible with P235/75R16 tires. These tires offer good traction and stability in both wet and dry conditions, making them an ideal choice for drivers who frequently drive on all types of terrain.

2003 Ford F150 Wheel & Tire Upgrade || Leveled on 33s

What Size Tires Does a 2003 F150 Have?

The 2003 Ford F-150 comes with a variety of tire sizes depending on the configuration and trim level. On most models, 16-inch tires come standard, however there are some models that offer 17-, 18-, or 20-inch tire options as well. The most common size for the 2003 F-150 is P245/75R16 which measures 30 x 9.5 inches in overall diameter and width respectively.

Other popular sizes include LT265/70R17 (33 x 10.5 in) , P275/60R20 (32 x 11 in), and 35×12.50R18 (35 x 12.5 in). It’s important to know what size tires your vehicle requires before purchasing new ones as each vary based on wheel size, load rating, and other factors specific to your vehicle’s make and model year.

What is the Stock Wheel Size for a 2003 F150?

The stock wheel size for a 2003 F150 is 15×7 inches. This is the most common wheel size found on this model, and it will fit all four-wheel drive models as well as two-wheel drive versions of the truck. It’s important to note that while this size may be standard on your vehicle, you can still upgrade to larger or smaller wheels if desired.

Many aftermarket wheels are available in sizes from 17 inch to 20 inch, so you can customize your ride with a more aggressive look. With proper maintenance and care, these wheels should last for years without any issues.

What Size Tires are on a 2003 Ford F150 17?

The tires on a Ford F150 17 from the 2003 model year should be either 16 inches or 17 inches in size, depending on the trim level and options. The most common tire sizes for this vehicle are 265/70R17 or P265/70R16. In some cases, an optional 18 inch wheel with 275/65R18 tires may have been installed as well.

It’s important to note that different trims of the same model year can come with different wheel and tire sizes; always check your owner’s manual or contact your local dealership to confirm which size is correct for your vehicle before purchasing new tires.

What Size Tires Should I Put on My F-150?

Choosing the right tires for your F-150 is an important decision. It needs to be based on a variety of factors, including what type of terrain you drive in, how much weight you typically haul and whether or not you are looking for performance enhancements. The most common size tire used on Ford F-150s is P265/70R17, however there are other sizes available depending upon the trim level and model year.

If you’re looking for better off-road capability or even more load capacity, then larger tires may be suitable such as 33×12.50 R20LT, which can provide increased ground clearance and improved traction in mud and snow due to their aggressive tread design. Additionally, if you want to improve handling characteristics or get enhanced performance from your truck then opting for wider lower profile tires could also be beneficial like 285/45R22. Ultimately though it’s best to consult with a professional before making any decisions so that they can advise on the best size tire given your specific situation!

What Size Tires are on a 2003 Ford F150

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2003 Ford F150 Tire Size P265/70R17

The 2003 Ford F150 comes with a standard tire size of P265/70R17. This is an all-season, mid-range radial tire that offers good stability and traction in wet or dry conditions. These tires also provide excellent mileage and handling without sacrificing comfort.

Best Tires for 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew

When it comes to finding the best tires for your 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew, you’ll want to look for tires that are specifically designed for trucks and SUVs. Look for tires with deep treads that can handle mud, snow, and rain while also providing a comfortable ride on pavement. You should also make sure they fit within your budget and provide adequate warranties in case of an issue down the road.

The right tire will improve the performance of your truck while keeping you safe on the roads.

2003 F150 2Wd Tire Size

The Ford F150 from 2003 was equipped with a tire size of P235/75R15. The 15-inch wheels had a 6.5″ rim diameter and an 8″-9″ window width, depending on the trim package chosen at the time of purchase. To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is important to maintain proper tire pressure in all four tires and have regular tire rotations performed by a qualified technician.


After researching the size of tires on a 2003 Ford F150, it can be concluded that the standard tire size is P235/75R15. While this may not always be true for all models and trims of this vehicle, it should serve as a good starting point when searching for new tires. It’s important to keep in mind that there may be variations based on specific trim or package levels, so it is best to double check with your owner’s manual or contact your local dealership before purchasing any new tires.

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