What Size are Stock F150 Tires

The stock tire size for Ford F150 trucks depends on the year of production and trim level. Generally, most mid-year models have either 16 or 17 inch tires as standard, depending on the trim package. For example, a 2017 XLT or Lariat model may come with 265/70R17 tires while an FX4 might be equipped with 275/65R18s.

Some newer F150s can also come with 18 to 22 inch wheels depending on the specific model and options selected at time of purchase. The only way to know what exact size comes stock is to look up specs for your specific truck.

The stock tires for a Ford F-150 are typically 33 inches in diameter, with widths ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 inches depending on the model and trim level of the vehicle. The tire size is important as it affects overall ride height, traction, cornering ability, and more. If you’re looking to upgrade your truck’s performance or add an aggressive look, consider swapping out your stock tires for larger sizes that can better handle high speeds and off-road terrain.

Stock 2015-2020 F150 | 33×11.5 Tires | 18×9 Wheels w/ 0MM Offset | W&T Fitment

What Size are Stock F-150 Wheels?

When it comes to the stock F-150 wheels, they come in a range of sizes depending on the make and model. Generally speaking, most modern models are equipped with 17-inch rims as standard; however, there are also 18-inch and even 20-inch varieties available too. The wider rim size allows for increased traction and load capacity while providing a more aggressive stance overall.

Additionally, larger wheel sizes can help improve handling by giving better leverage against road bumps and other obstacles that could otherwise cause your truck to lose control. It’s important to note that if you opt for any rims larger than what was originally installed on your F-150 then you will need to purchase tires tailored specifically for those new dimensions in order to maintain safety levels when driving at highway speeds or over rough terrain.

How Wide are Stock F-150 20 Inch Rims?

20 inch stock rims on a Ford F-150 are generally 8 inches wide. This width is suitable for standard tires, allowing you to enjoy the same ride quality as with larger wheels. However, if you’re looking to customize your truck and enhance its performance, there are several aftermarket options available that offer wider rim widths of up to 10 inches.

With these wider options, you can fit lower profile tires and experience improved cornering stability and handling performance. Additionally, the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle will be enhanced thanks to the extra width of these custom rims.

Will 275 60R20 Fit Stock F-150?

Yes, 275 60R20 tires will fit stock Ford F-150s. This is a popular size for pickups and off-road vehicles, as it provides plenty of traction in all conditions while providing an adequate amount of ground clearance. The overall diameter of this tire size is 32.5 inches, which fits within the standard range for stock F-150s: between 31 and 33 inches (depending on model year).

If you’re looking to upgrade your ride with larger tires, then 275 60R20 could be a great choice for your truck!

What Size are Stock F150 Tires

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Stock F150 Tire Size in Inches

The stock tire size for a Ford F150 model is usually 265/70 R17, which translates to a wheel diameter of 17 inches and a width measurement of 265 millimeters. The sidewall height measures 70% of the width, making it 185.5 mm tall. Therefore, the overall tire diameter in inches would be 31.6″.

F150 Xlt Tire Size

The F150 XLT comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tires. These tires measure in at a P275/65R18 size, which offer a strong grip on the road while giving your truck an aggressive look. If you’re looking to upgrade your tire size, you have several options available to you that range from 20″ up to 24″ in diameter.

Ford F150 Lariat Tire Size

The Ford F150 Lariat is equipped with 17″ alloy wheels and all-season tires, measuring 265/70R17. The combination of the tire size and wheel diameter provides an attractive look to the vehicle, while also providing superior handling capabilities for a variety of road conditions.


In conclusion, stock F150 tires vary in size depending on the year and trim of your truck. Generally speaking, they range from 265/70R17 to 285/75R18. It is important to know what size tire fits your truck before purchasing a new set so that you get the best performance possible from them.

If you are unsure what size is right for your vehicle, it’s best to consult an expert for help.

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