How to Reset Check Engine Light Ford Fusion

To reset the check engine light on a Ford Fusion, first make sure that the problem creating the Check Engine Light has been addressed. Then disconnect the positive battery cable and touch it to negative terminal for one minute. Reconnect battery cable and start vehicle, let idle for 5 minutes before shutting off.

Lastly, restart vehicle and drive around until Check Engine Light turns off by itself (usually takes 10-15 minutes). Make sure all warning lights are functioning properly after reset is complete. If they do not turn on normally or stay illuminated contact a certified mechanic immediately.

  • Locate the fuse box in your Ford Fusion
  • The fuse box is typically located beneath the dashboard on the left side of the vehicle’s interior, near where your left foot would rest if you were seated in the driver’s seat
  • 2
  • Identify the diagnostic link connector (DLC)
  • This will be a black plastic rectangular shaped component with several prongs sticking out from it and should have “OBD” written on it somewhere close to it
  • Plug an OBD-II scanner into your DLC port, which is connected to your car’s computer system and can reset check engine lights without any problem codes or issues existing with your car’s engine components
  • Turn on both devices – power up both the scan tool and then turn on your ignition switch without starting up the vehicle itself just yet so that electrical power will flow to both devices when you are ready for them to communicate with one another over a direct connection via data link protocol communication language known as CANbus (Controller Area Network bus)
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  • A menu screen should appear once everything has been powered up properly; this menu will allow you access and control over various functions within your car’s onboard diagnostics system including clearing Check Engine Light codes by pressing “Clear Codes” button after selecting “Erase Fault Code Memory” option from within those menus found under code reader/scanner device being used here today

service light reset *HOW TO* 2015 Ford Fusion

How Do You Reset the Engine Light on Ford Fusion?

If your Ford Fusion has an illuminated engine light, it could be time for a reset. Resetting the engine light on a Ford Fusion is easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, you will need to locate the fuse box under the hood of your vehicle.

Once located, remove the appropriate fuse that controls the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This should cause all warning lights to turn off momentarily as this clears out any stored faults in the system. Next, you will need to switch off both ignition keys and then start up again with one key only — this resets all systems including clearing any fault codes that were previously stored by your car’s computer system.

Finally, once complete you can reinstall the removed fuse back into its place and switch on both ignition keys together — if successful, your engine light should now no longer be illuminated!

How Do You Reset the Check Engine Light on a Ford?

If your Ford vehicle’s check engine light has come on, then it is likely that you need to reset the system. It could be due to a minor issue or a more serious problem, but either way you will want to take steps to ensure that the light does not stay illuminated. Fortunately, resetting the check engine light can be done easily and quickly in most cases.

The first step is to find out what is causing the light to come on by using an OBD-II scanner tool. Once this has been identified and fixed, simply turn off your car for 15 minutes and then start it up again – this should clear the computer memory and cause the warning lamp indicator to go out automatically. If however this doesn’t work then you may have a more complicated issue that requires additional diagnosis from a professional mechanic before attempting any further repairs yourself.

Can I Clear Check Engine Light Myself?

If you’ve recently had the check engine light on your car come on, you may be wondering if it’s something that can be easily fixed by yourself. The answer is yes and no – while it might be possible to clear the Check Engine Light (CEL) yourself, this isn’t necessarily recommended as a DIY job. Clearing the CEL requires diagnostic tools like an OBD-II scanner which can read codes from your vehicle’s computer system and identify any problems causing the light to come on in the first place.

Additionally, even after clearing a CEL with a scanner, you should still take your vehicle into a qualified mechanic for further inspection since there could still be underlying issues that need to be addressed before the problem is resolved completely.

How Do You Clear the Code on a Ford Fusion?

If you’re looking to clear the code on your Ford Fusion, it’s important to know how to do so correctly. The first step is to locate the On-Board Diagnostics port or OBD II located in the driver’s side footwell area of your car. Once you have found this, connect a scan tool and make sure that power has been supplied.

After this, turn off all accessories including radio, air conditioning etc., then turn the ignition switch on without starting the engine. Wait for a few seconds and then press “Scan/Clear” button on your scan tool which will allow you to access all existing codes stored in memory . You can now view each code one by one and reset them if needed using either “Erase/Reset” or “Clear Fault Codes”. It’s essential that after clearing any fault codes from memory , take necessary steps like repair defective components before running vehicle again as same problem may recur with different set of codes .

Finally disconnect scan tool and restart engine – this should ensure successful clearance of codes from Ford Fusion’s memory!

How to Reset Check Engine Light Ford Fusion


Reset Check Engine Light Ford Fusion 2017

The process for resetting the Check Engine Light on a Ford Fusion 2017 is fairly simple. First, locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard and disconnect it from its power source. Once disconnected, wait about five minutes before reconnecting it to its power source and turning the key in the ignition.

This should reset the light and allow you to continue driving without any check engine issues or warnings. If not, then you may need to take your vehicle into a certified mechanic to get it checked out further.

2014 Ford Fusion Check Engine Light Reset

If you have a 2014 Ford Fusion, one of the most important maintenance tasks is resetting the check engine light. This can be done relatively easily by locating the diagnostic link connector in your car (usually located under the driver’s side dashboard) and using a jumper wire to connect terminals A and B within it. Once connected, turn on your ignition switch without starting the engine, wait for five seconds, then turn off your ignition switch.

Your check engine light should now be reset and any codes stored in memory will be cleared.

2016 Ford Fusion Check Engine Light Reset

The 2016 Ford Fusion is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system that monitors several engine functions. If a problem arises, the “Check Engine” light will illuminate on your dashboard. Thankfully, resetting the Check Engine light on your 2016 Ford Fusion is relatively simple and can be done in just a few steps.

To begin, locate and remove the fuse for the electronic control module (ECM) located in your vehicle’s fuse box. Once you have removed this fuse, wait approximately 10 seconds before reinserting it into its socket to complete the reset process. Afterwards, start up your car and check to make sure that the Check Engine light has been successfully turned off – if not then repeat these steps until successful!


Overall, resetting the check engine light on a Ford Fusion is not too difficult. With basic mechanical knowledge and some of the tools mentioned in this blog post, you should be able to execute the task successfully. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact your local mechanic for help with resetting your Ford Fusion’s check engine light.

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