How to Permanently Disable Auto Startstop Ford F150

To permanently disable Auto Startstop on a Ford F150, turn off the feature in the vehicle settings. First, press and hold the “Menu” button located on the steering wheel until you enter into Settings. Then select “Auto Stop-Start Feature” and toggle it to OFF.

Once done, exit out of that menu and move onto another section in order to save your changes. To confirm that it is disabled, start the engine and look for a small green light located near the speedometer; if lit up then Auto Startstop is still enabled. If not lit up, then this means that you have successfully disabled Auto Startstop.

  • Identify the Auto Start/Stop button in your Ford F150: Most new Ford F150s have an Auto Start/Stop button located near the steering wheel, usually on the left side of the dashboard
  • Pressing this button will disable auto startstop and allow you to drive without interruption
  • Access your vehicle’s computer system: To permanently disable auto startstop, you will need to access your vehicle’s computer system using a scan tool or code reader that is compatible with your car’s make and model
  • Connect the device to your car’s OBD-II port (usually found under the driver’s side dash) and turn it on
  • Select “Settings” menu: Once connected, select “Settings” from the main menu of options available through the scanning device or code reader interface and then find “Auto Start Stop Disable
  • ” This setting should be listed as a submenu within “Settings”
  • Choose “Disable” option: Selecting this option will effectively turn off auto startstop every time you drive unless manually turned back on by pressing its corresponding button again inside your car’s cabin area dashboard controls panel

How To Deactivate Disable Disconnect Turn Off Ford F-150 F150 Auto Start Stop Permanently in seconds

Is There a Way to Permanently Disable Auto Start-Stop?

The auto start-stop feature on many cars is a great way to save fuel and reduce emissions, but for some drivers it can be annoying. Many drivers would like to permanently disable this feature, or at least have the option to do so when they’re driving in certain conditions. The good news is that there are ways to disable the auto start-stop system, but unfortunately none of them are permanent solutions.

In most cases, you’ll need to manually turn off the system whenever you want it disabled. Some vehicles may offer an override switch that allows you to keep the system off until you switch back on, but these aren’t always available either. If your vehicle doesn’t have an override switch or other means of disabling auto start-stop then your best bet is simply turning it off each time before starting your car – as frustrating as that might be!

How Do I Permanently Disable Auto Start-Stop on Ford F-150 2017?

If you own a Ford F-150 2017 and want to permanently disable the auto start-stop feature, it can be done fairly easily. First, locate the hood release lever located in your truck’s cab or interior area near the driver’s seat. Pull on this lever to open the vehicle’s hood.

Once you have opened up the engine bay, locate and unscrew the negative battery cable from your truck’s battery terminal which will temporarily disconnect power to all electrical components including your auto start-stop system. Next, you should find a small black box tucked away somewhere under your hood; this is known as an Auto Start-Stop Disable Module (ASSDM). Move this device out of its current position and relocate it away from any other electric wiring or components – if need be use some zip ties provided with your ASSDM kit for additional safety measures.

After moving it into place, reattach your negative battery cable back onto its original socket position then close up your engine bay lid. Congratulations! You have now successfully disabled auto start-stop on Ford F-150 2017!

What is Ford’S Auto Start-Stop Removal?

Ford’s auto start-stop removal is a feature available in select Ford vehicles that allows the driver to turn off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, such as at an intersection. This helps improve fuel efficiency by not allowing the engine to idle unnecessarily and conserve energy when it isn’t needed. The technology works by automatically shutting off the engine whenever your car stops moving for more than three seconds and then re-starts again when you press down on the accelerator pedal.

By turning this function off, drivers can prevent their cars from repeatedly starting and stopping which can be annoying or even dangerous in certain driving conditions. Additionally, with auto start-stop turned off, drivers will no longer need to worry about restarting their engines after they’ve come to a full stop while waiting at traffic lights or stuck in traffic jams. Ultimately, Ford’s auto start-stop removal is great way for drivers of select Ford models to save gas money while also reducing emissions and improving safety on the road.

How Do I Turn on Auto Start-Stop on F150?

If you have a Ford F150 and are looking to maximize your fuel efficiency, one of the best ways to do so is by turning on auto start-stop. This feature turns off the engine automatically when you come to a stop, such as at an intersection or light. When it’s time for you move again, simply take your foot off the brake and step on the accelerator – the engine will turn back on without any effort from you!

To get started with auto start-stop: Press and hold down your vehicle’s power button until all dashboard lights illuminate. Then press “Settings” followed by “Engine Options”. Once inside this menu select “Auto Start-Stop” which should be listed under “Fuel Economy Settings”.

Finally, toggle it on! Now when coming to a complete stop, after about 1 second your engine will shut itself down shortly thereafter reengaging once more when needed during acceleration. Enjoy improved fuel economy with no extra effort required!

How to Permanently Disable Auto Startstop Ford F150


Ford F150 Auto Start Stop Problems

The Ford F150 Auto Start Stop system is designed to save fuel and reduce emissions, but some owners have reported problems with the feature. Common issues include difficulty restarting after a stop, sudden stops when driving at low speeds, and engine stalling. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your Ford F150 Auto Start Stop system, it may be time for an inspection from a qualified mechanic.

How to Turn off Auto Start-Stop Permanently

Auto Start-Stop is a fuel saving feature that turns off the engine when your car comes to a stop. To permanently turn it off, you’ll need to access your vehicle’s settings by pressing the button on the dashboard or using the infotainment system, and then find “Engine Auto Stop/Start” or “Auto Stop/Start” in the list of options before disabling it. Once disabled, this feature will no longer be active when starting or stopping your vehicle.

How to Permanently Turn off Auto Start-Stop Ford

To permanently turn off auto start-stop on Ford vehicles, you can access the settings menu in your car’s infotainment system. From this menu, you can select to turn off the feature or switch it back on when desired. You may also be able to change the default setting so that you don’t have to manually adjust it each time you start your car.

This will ensure that auto start-stop is either always turned off or always turned on without having to make any changes every time you drive your vehicle.


In conclusion, it is important to know how to permanently disable Auto Start/Stop Ford F150. This feature can cause a lot of problems with the vehicle and should be disabled as soon as possible if you are experiencing issues. With the right tools, this task can easily be completed at home in less than an hour.

After disabling Auto Start/Stop on your Ford F150, you should no longer experience any issues related to this feature.

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