How to Keep Fog Lights on With High Beams F150

If you have ever driven in the fog, you know how important it is to be able to see. The last thing you want is for your fog lights to turn off when you turn on your high beams. Here is a simple way to keep your fog lights on with your high beams in your F150.

  • Turn on the high beams by pulling the switch located on the left side of the steering column
  • While the high beams are on, press and hold the fog light button on the instrument panel
  • The fog lights will stay on as long as the high beams are on and the button is held

Ford F150 BAMBI MODE- Forescan How to have Low/High Beams + Fog Lights on at the same time 2015-2022

F150 Bambi Mod

If you’re looking for a way to make your Ford F150 stand out from the crowd, then look no further than the Bambi Mod. This modification involves adding a set of unique decals to the truck’s tailgate, which makes it look like a cartoon deer. The mod was created by a company called Graphicology, and it’s available in several different colors.

The Bambi Mod is a great way to show off your personality and make your truck truly yours. It’s also a great conversation starter, so be prepared to answer questions from curious onlookers. If you’re interested in ordering the mod, head on over to Graphicology’s website.

Forscan F150

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Ford F150, then a Forscan scan tool is a must-have. Forscan allows you to access hidden features and parameters that are not available through the standard OBDii interface. In addition, Forscan can also help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your vehicle.

So what exactly can Forscan do for your F150? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights: 1. Enable/disable certain modules and functions – There are a number of modules and functions that come disabled from the factory on Ford vehicles.

With Forscan, you can easily enable or disable these as desired. For example, you can enable or disable the daytime running lights, trailer tow mirrors, reverse sensing system, etc. 2. Read & clear trouble codes – One of the most popular uses for Forscan is reading and clearing trouble codes.

This can be helpful if you’re getting an engine light or other warning message on your dash. Simply hook up Forscan and it will read the code(s) for you so that you can take appropriate action. 3. Adjust tire size & speedometer calibration – If you’ve installed larger tires on your F150 (or changed the final drive ratio), then Forscan can help calibrate your speedometer accordingly.

This ensures that your speedometer readings are accurate, which is important for both safety and legal reasons! 4. View & record live data streams – Want to keep an eye on certain engine parameters? No problem!

With Forscan, you can view and record live data streams from various sensors in real-time. This is valuable information to have when diagnosing issues or just monitoring performance over time.

Forscan Bambi Mode

If you’re a Ford owner, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Forscan. It’s a piece of software that allows you to perform all sorts of diagnostics and tweaks on your vehicle. One of the most popular features is Bambi Mode, which disables the daytime running lights (DRLs) on your vehicle.

This can be useful if you’re doing off-road driving or want to avoid being seen by other drivers. It’s also handy if your DRLs are malfunctioning and you need to troubleshoot the issue. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable Bambi Mode on your Ford using Forscan.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Forscan is intended for use by vehicle technicians and experienced car enthusiasts. If you’re not comfortable working with complex software, we recommend seeking professional help before proceeding. With that said, let’s get started!

First, open up Forscan and connect it to your vehicle via an OBD2 adapter. Once connected, click on the “Configuration and Programming” tab at the top of the screen. Next, click on “Body Computer Module” in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Now, find the section labeled “Daytime Running Lights – BAMBI.” You’ll see two options here: “Bambi mode enabled” and “Bambi mode disabled.” Select whichever one you want and then click “Write changes to module.”

That’s it! You’ve now successfully enabled or disabled Forscan Bambi Mode on your Ford vehicle.

How to Turn on Fog Lights on 2014 Ford F150

If your Ford F-150 is equipped with fog lights, you may be wondering how to turn them on. Here’s a quick guide: 1. Locate the fog light switch on the lower left side of your instrument panel.

2. Turn the switch to the “On” position. You’ll see an indicator light come on to let you know that the fog lights are now operational. 3. When you want to turn off the fog lights, simply flip the switch back to the “Off” position.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Keep Fog Lights on With High Beams F150


Can You Have High Beams And Fog Lights on at the Same Time?

There are a few different ways to have your high beams and fog lights on at the same time. One way is to purchase a product that will allow you to wire your high beams and fog lights together. Another way is to use a relay switch.

A relay switch is placed in between your high beams and fog lights, so when you turn on your high beams, the relay switch will also turn on your fog lights.

What is Bambi Mode on F150?

Bambi mode is a feature on the Ford F-150 that allows the truck to be driven in low gear without engaging the clutch. This is useful for driving over rough terrain or in snow, as it prevents the truck from becoming stuck. To engage Bambi mode, simply put the transmission into first gear and turn off the traction control system.

How Do You Turn on the Fog Lights on a 2012 Ford F150?

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to turn on the fog lights on a 2012 Ford F-150: “How to Turn On Your Fog Lights in a 2012 Ford F-150 It’s getting close to that time of year again.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to get more unpredictable. You know what that means – it’s time to start using your fog lights! Here’s a quick guide on how to turn on the fog lights in your 2012 Ford F-150.

First, locate the switch for your fog lights. It should be on the left side of your steering column, just below the headlight switch. Once you’ve found it, simply flip it up into the “on” position.

Now that your fog lights are turned on, you may be wondering when you should actually use them. In general, you’ll want to use them whenever visibility is reduced due to weather conditions – think mist, rain, snow, or even dust storms.

How Do You Turn on the Fog Lights on a 2000 Ford F150?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to turn on the fog lights on a 2000 Ford F-150: 1. Locate the headlight switch on the left side of the steering column. The switch is marked with a light bulb icon.

2. Turn the headlight switch to the “Fog” position. This will turn on your fog lights as well as your low beams. If you only want your fog lights on, make sure your headlights are off or in the “off” position.


If you’re driving a Ford F-150, you may want to keep your fog lights on even when you have your high beams on. Here’s how to do it: 1. Start by turning on your fog lights.

2. Then, turn on your high beams. 3. Finally, press and hold the Fog Light button on your steering wheel until the high beams turn off. Repeat this process if you want to turn the fog lights off while keeping the high beams on.

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