2013 Ford Escape 1.6 Oil Capacity

The 2013 Ford Escape comes with a 1.6-liter Ecoboost engine. This engine has a oil capacity of 4.5 quarts with a filter change. Ford recommends changing the oil every 7,500 miles for normal driving conditions, or every 5,000 miles if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or drive in extreme conditions.

What Is The Oil Capacity Of The 2013 Ford Escape 1.6?

The 2013 Ford Escape has a 1.6L engine with an oil capacity of 5 quarts. For a complete oil change, you will need 4.5 quarts of oil.

If you’re looking to do a complete oil change on your 2013 Ford Escape 1.6L, you’ll need 4.5 quarts of oil. The oil capacity for the 1.6L engine is 5 quarts, so you’ll have a little bit left over.

What Type Of Oil Should Be Used In The 2013 Ford Escape 1.6?

If you’re not sure what type of oil to use in your 2013 Ford Escape 1.6, you’re not alone. Many people are unsure about which oil is best for their car.

The good news is that there is only one type of oil that should be used in the 2013 Ford Escape 1.6, and that is 5W-30 oil. This is the only type of oil that is recommended by Ford for use in this model of car.

5W-30 oil is a synthetic oil that is designed to provide excellent protection for your engine. It is also a relatively thin oil, which means that it will flow easily through your engine and lubricate all of the moving parts.

If you’re still not sure which oil to use in your 2013 Ford Escape 1.6, you can always consult your owner’s manual or ask a qualified mechanic.

How Often Should The Oil Be Changed In The 2013 Ford Escape 1.6?

How often should the oil be changed in the 2013 Ford Escape 1.6?

According to the 2013 Ford Escape Owner’s Manual, under Normal Conditions, the oil should be changed every 7,500 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. However, if you frequently drive in dusty or dirty conditions, or if you frequently tow a trailer or haul heavy loads, you may need to change your oil more often.

To get the most accurate advice, it’s best to consult your Ford dealership or speak to a certified Ford technician. They will be able to give you a more specific answer based on your individual driving habits.

Changing your oil regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your car running smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the road. So, if you’re unsure about how often to change your oil, err on the side of caution and change it more often rather than less.

What Are The Consequences Of Not Changing The Oil In The 2013 Ford Escape 1.6?

If you don’t change the oil in your 2013 Ford Escape 1.6, the consequences can be pretty serious. The oil is what lubricates the engine and keeps it running smoothly. Over time, the oil breaks down and gets dirty, which can cause the engine to run less efficiently and eventually lead to engine damage.

In extreme cases, not changing the oil can cause the engine to seize up, which can be expensive to repair. It’s important to change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid these consequences.


The 2013 Ford Escape 1.6 oil capacity is 4.5 quarts with a filter change. This is a mid-size SUV that seats five and has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. It has a four-cylinder engine and gets up to 32 mpg on the highway.

If you still have any questions about the 2013 Ford Escape 1.6 oil capacity, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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